How long does my KillProof data take to update?

It could take a few minutes to refresh your full KillProof data if the API is being slow but usually it's less than 10 seconds. If you load a page for a KillProof id which is currently refreshing, the page will reload after about 10 seconds.

Your detailed KillProof information will be cached for a minimum of 1 hour. Weekly clear data is cached for 15 minutes. This is to avoid hitting the Guild Wars 2 API too often. We will not refresh the detailed information automatically, but you can request it from your KillProof page. Weekly clear data is automatically updated each morning in order to track your weekly clear history more accurately.

How do I make an API key?

You can create your API key by visiting and making a new key with account, inventories, characters, progression and unlocks permissions. Copy/paste it into the Add yourself form.

My titles show as 0/11 but I know I have some. Why?

Have you given us an API key with the unlocks permission? Originally the unlocks permission wasn't listed as one that was needed so it's possible if you've been using for a while. If this is the case, simply generate a new key with the updated list of permissions (in the answer above and on the Add page) and submit it. Your code should stay the same but the key for your account will be replaced with the new one. Refresh your data and the titles should then be present.

Will my KillProof id be accepted everywhere?

We can't guarantee that your KillProof page will be accepted if you have to use LFG because not many people know about us. By mentioning you're helping to spread the word and hopefully it'll become more accepted.

Do you share my data with anyone?

We will store the API key you provide so that your KillProof page can be refreshed but we don't give anyone your key. It is only used internally to update your KillProof data.

Sharing your KillProof allows some Guild Wars 2 add-ons to request some of your KillProof data (see our add-ons page for more information).

I revoked my API key - how do I update it here?

If you have revoked your previous API key, you can simply create a new one and add it again. We will replace your original key with the new one you provide if they have the same account name.

What if I want to remove my data?

If you decide you no longer want to use KillProof, you may delete your data easily using the deletion page.