2021-02-16 - Faster token page display (and API response)

The tokens page for any KillProof profile should now display much faster than before, especially for people who have had their profile for a while. This is because it no longer has to re-calculate the minimum total every time.

2020-12-06 - Endless Inner Demon Combat Tonic

If you've unlocked the inner demon combat tonic as a novelty, or if you have the item in your inventory, your Unstable Fractal Essence total has been increased by 1680 as we are now able to find the tonic.

2020-11-26 - Abyssal Weapon Skins

The collection for the Abyssal Weapon skins now counts towards Unstable Fractal Essence totals - the first skin is ignored because of the reward for completing your first Sunqua Peak CM and unlocking the collection.

2020-11-08 - More privacy options

It is now possible to hide your LI/LD summary from people. This is mainly useful if you are using KillProof.me to track your own progress rather than as a replacement for pinging items in-game. Note that if you hide fractals and the LI/LD summary, your Details page will look a bit empty! Privacy options are only available if you have linked your GW2 account to a KillProof login.

2020-11-08 - Masteries

Masteries for raiding and fractals have been added to the KillProof profile. Some masteries are only required for some raids (for example the mount masteries). If you think it would be useful to say more information about where masteries are likely to be needed, please let us know!

2020-09-20 - Abyssal Infusions

Abyssal Infusions (both the chest and the different stats) are counted as 1680 Unstable Fractal Essences (UFE). While they may also drop from Sunqua Peak CM, they're similar to the Celestial Infusion (Red) which is either purchased or a very rare drop so we treat them the same.

2020-09-16 - Added Unstable Fractal Essences

The Unstable Cosmic Essences (UCE) have been replaced with Unstable Fractal Essences (UFE). 1 UCE is worth 5 UFE and since some people may still have UCE left, we are now showing the UFE instead and adding the UCE x 5 to the total.

2020-07-14 - Extended Titles and Achievements page

The Titles and Achievements page has been extended to include all raid-related achievements (unless we've missed one, in which case let us know!)

If you've used the KillProof Account feature, you can visit your KillProof account settings, click on the Settings button for the Guild Wars 2 account and hide/show each of the three achievement sections individually. Note that if you hide the Titles page, it will hide the titles and all achievements from everyone else.

2020-05-25 - Looking for Opener

New 'Looking for Opener' feature available. Region data for each account will be updated at next refresh and at that point it'll start to return more results.

As the opener feature is opt-in for each account, if you are happy to be an opener it would be helpful if you could update your account settings. You can opt-in either through your KillProof account settings or by adding your API key again.

2020-04-22 - LD and LI counts

The equipment tabs are now examined for any items that count towards LI or LD.

2019-11-17 - KillProof user accounts

User accounts are now live. If you create a KillProof account, you can link multiple Guild Wars 2 accounts together and set privacy options for the KillProof pages.

2019-07-09 - Coffers, Coalescence and Compassion

Added the new raid coffers as unused LI or LD depending on which encounter they're from.

The Gift of Compassion and Coalescence both show up as 150 LD in the Legendary Trinkets section.

2019-07-05 - Sorted tokens and a smoother refresh

Tokens are now sorted by wing/encounter rather than alphabetically. Let us know if you preferred it the other way!

Refreshing a full profile rather than just the clears is now handled in a slightly different way which only requires the page to reload once instead of sometimes several times.

2019-06-25 - CM achievements, refresh limits and a bugfix

Achievements for the various raid CMs (including earlier wings) have been added to the Titles page.

Refresh limits changed - clears can now be refreshed every 5 minutes and full proof details every hour.

A bug that mapped White Mantle Abomination Crystals and Conjured Amalgamate Tokens the wrong way around has been fixed so these now display correctly in the Tokens page

2019-06-12 - Wing 7 - The Key of Ahdashim added

The Key of Ahdashim encounters, tokens and achievements have been added. There may be a couple missing so please get in touch if you spot one!

2019-05-31 - Simon the Cat added to KillProof details

Simon counts as +1 Unstable Cosmic Essence because you have to feed one to him!

2019-05-25 - Added encounter tokens/kp

We're now trying to keep track of killproof tokens that you have. See the technical section on the Tokens page for information about how best to use this feature.

2019-05-23 - Speed increase for updating your profile

Thanks to some API suggestions, we're now able to check all of your armour and killproof tokens much faster than before.

2019-05-19 - Website update

The website has been given a spring clean but expect more changes to come.

We've split a lot of the larger pages such as the home page and KillProof profile page into several smaller pages with menus to switch between sections. If you have any other suggestions, get in touch and let us know.

2019-04-30 - Add-ons

There is now a third party add-on being developed which will use KillProof data from this site - more news to come soon.

2019-01-17 - Another unlocked title: Envoy's Herald

If you've spent the time and resources to craft all 18 unique legendary armor pieces, this will now be shown on your KillProof profile.

Note: This title will not be shown if the KillProof data hasn't been refreshed since this feature was added.

2018-11-20 - Additional permission required for API keys

As a result of the previous update where we added titles, any API keys will also require the unlocks permission. If you know you have one or more titles unlocked but it shows as (0 of 11) on your KillProof page, generate a new API key with the account, inventories, characters, progression and unlocks permissions and enter it into the 'Add' page. Your old key will be replaced with the new one and titles will be available with the next refresh.

2018-10-18 - Unlocked titles added

Now you can see which titles have been unlocked. We currently include 11 of them as being relevant to raids, Nightmare fractal or Shattered Observatory fractal.

Raids: The Eternal, Slippery Slubling, Demon's Demise, Silent Saviour, Committed, Voice in the Void, Professional Skritt, Champion of Zommoros

Fractals: The Unclean, Leaves No Hero Behind, The Archdesigner

Note: No titles will be shown if the KillProof data hasn't been refreshed since this feature was added.

2018-10-15 - Legendary Divinations added

Legendary Divination totals are now shown at the top of the page with the same breakdown as unused LI (materials/bank/inventory) further down.

2018-10-07 - New raid wing added

Added Wing 6 - Mythwright Gambit to the Weekly Clears page.