You might want to sign up for a KillProof account and then link your Guild Wars 2 account afterwards. This allows you to link multiple Guild Wars 2 accounts together (if you have more than one) or make some of your data private to others while not restricting your own view when logged in.

Need to prove your kills for raiding? Want to track your weekly clears? Simply enter your API key below and we'll give you a short url that shows the calculated LI/LD/UFE and provides additional details. Unless you create an account and opt-out, your character names will also be added to our character name search as well.

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This feature will give your Guild Wars 2 account name to people if you are able to open an instance to a specific boss. For example someone might want to skip Escort and if that's all you've done in Wing 3, you could be one of the accounts shown. It will show your account name so they can contact you in-game.

You can create your API key by visiting and making a new key with at least account, inventories, characters, wallet, unlocks and progression permissions. Copy/paste it into the above field.

In order to prevent overloading the API and getting rate-limited, your KillProof information will be cached for a minimum of 1 hour and clear data will be cached for 5 minutes. Clear data is refreshed each morning and full token and killproof data is refreshed once a week, but you can also request it from your KillProof pages.