Custom ids are now available to all Patreon supporters past and present - you won't lose it if you stop supporting us.

You can use this page to see if a specific custom id would be permitted - it checks that it fills the rules given below and that it's not already taken. If it says it's available, we do not guarantee you can have it because someone else may choose it before you.

The original id will also work but the custom one is shown on the website and the API.

Each custom id applies to a single Guild Wars 2 account so if you have multiple linked accounts, each one can have its own custom id.

Each custom id can only be set once per Guild Wars 2 account.

Custom ids are case insensitive which means that YourName is the same as yourname and even youRNAme, but what you enter is how it will be displayed.

There are some restrictions on the id that you can use.

  • It can only consist of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.
  • It must be between 3 and 17 characters inclusive.
  • It must not conflict with any auto-generated ids either past, present or future.