Add-ons that use KillProof data

Currently there are a few places that use data from

Blish HUD KillProof module

This module allows you to query the KillProof profile for an account through Blish HUD. The module was originally written by Nekres (aka Tybalt) and can now be found on GitHub at

Download the latest KillProof module (version v1.6.5 from ) for Blish HUD direct from GitHub: KillProof.bhm

See the Blish HUD website for installation details Installing modules

Blish HUD KpRefresher module

This module allows you to automatically refresh your KillProof profile at certain times. Information about it can be found at

Download the latest KpRefresher module using Blish HUD's module manager

Aleeva - Discord Bot

Aleeva allows you to query from within Discord using the commands !!killproofkp and !!killproofopener (along with a few aliases listed under Commands - Info)

Please see the Aleeva website at for more information.

arcdps KillProof plugin

This plugin interacts directly with arcdps and shows the KillProof stats for others in your party/squad. It can be downloaded from

Installation method is the same as other arcdps plugins (put the .dll file into the same folder as arcdps). More information about this plugin is available from the GitHub repository.

What data is provided?

Third party add-ons are able to request the following:

  • KillProof id
  • Account name
  • KillProof URL
  • Last Refreshed Date
  • Total Legendary Insights (LI)
  • Total Legendary Divinations (LD)
  • Total Unstable Fractal Essences
  • Unlocked Titles
  • Token quantities

Privacy settings that work through the website also affect the API so not all data may be available for all accounts through the API.

How do I use KillProof data in my own application?

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