We're sorry that you want to remove all of your data from KillProof.me - if you come and talk to us on Discord it might be that we can help with whatever the reason is. Features that we're missing? Privacy settings that you need? We won't know unless you tell us!

If you still wish to remove your data from KillProof, you can do this by pasting your current API key (that we have stored) into the form below. As long as your account name and API key match what we have on record, we will remove your API key and associated KillProof data from the database and your KillProof id will no longer work.

If you wish to use some of the privacy settings to hide some of your account details, you can link an existing KillProof id to a KillProof account without deleting it - simply log in (or create a KillProof account) and Link your GW2 Account. This preserves all the weekly clear history and token amounts.

If you add your account again later, you will not get the same KillProof id.