Have you forgotten your username or password? To recover your account, carefully follow these instructions.

  1. Create a new Guild Wars 2 API key with the name KillProof.me 09CB-77E8 - this must be a new key and not the one you already created for KillProof.
  2. Paste the new key into the field below.
  3. Click the Check my key! button

This new Guild Wars 2 API key must be for a Guild Wars 2 account linked to your KillProof account and have at least the account permission. Subtokens are not accepted for account recovery purposes. You cannot use your existing key because the name will not match but you do not need to delete your existing API key. Once you have recovered your account, the new key is no longer needed and can safely be deleted.

Show an example.

Image showing the name we ask for and where on the arena.net site it goes

If you've remembered your password, you can log in instead.

If everything looks correct but isn't working, please get in touch on the KillProof Discord server (invite code kRbSctr)