Changes to KillProof ids

As part of the process of making easier to use, we're making everyone's ids case-insensitive. This means that it won't matter whether you enter it as zbWk (as normal), ZBWK (in capitals/uppercase) or as zbwk (in lowercase).

Until we're finished, you should continue to use the same letters as the ones that people provide unless you know for sure that they've been migrated since there are some ids which conflict when made case-insensitive.

As a result of this change, all new ids being issued will be 5 characters and not 4 as we had before.

If you have a 5 character id, congratulations! Your id is already case-insensitive.

If you have a 4 character id, also congratulations! You were one of the first 25,000 to register - the only way to get a 4 character id now is a custom id.

What is a duplicate id?

The original ids had to be typed exactly as shown but when changing ids to case-insensitive we found that some ids ended up being the same - for example there might be a zbWk and a zBwk. Since both accounts can't have the same id, these haven't yet been changed to be case-insensitive.

How do I know if my KillProof id is changed yet?

If it has not been changed, at the top of the page there will be a blue banner linking to this page.

At the bottom of every KillProof page it should show something like:

KillProof id zbWk

If this is all it says, your id has been changed and can be typed with capitals or lowercase or a mixture. If it shows

KillProof id zbWk (this is still case-sensitive)

then it probably conflicts with another id so cannot be updated yet.

What happens if it conflicts with someone else?

If it conflicts, you can either

  1. leave it as it is - it could be a while before the message goes away
  2. change your random id and be able to set a custom id

If you choose option 2, you will be allocated another random 4 character id which will be case-insensitive and to make up for the inconvenience of changing your id, we will enable custom ids on your account so you can choose a new id. Option 2 requires that you have a KillProof account.

NOTE: If you use your id in forum signatures or anything similar, remember to update it to your new one!

Accounts changed to case-insensitive ids: 93%