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Token information last checked .

Name (sorted by encounter) Minimum Gained Current Change Records began
Vale Guardian Fragment244244 0
Vale Guardian Coffer00n/an/a
Gorseval Tentacle Piece245245 0
Gorseval's Coffer00n/an/a
Sabetha Flamethrower Fragment Piece253253 0
Sabetha's Coffer00n/an/a
Slothasor Mushroom229229 0
Slothasor's Coffer11n/an/a
Prison-Camp Chest11n/an/a
White Mantle Abomination Crystal222222 0
Matthias's Coffer00n/an/a
Turret Fragment215214 0
McLeod's Coffer00n/an/a
Keep Construct Rubble223223 0
Keep Construct's Coffer00n/an/a
Ribbon Scrap175158 0
Xera's Coffer00n/an/a
Cairn Fragment280250 0
Cairn's Coffer00n/an/a
Recreation Room Floor Fragment239221 0
Mursaat Overseer's Coffer11n/an/a
Impaled Prisoner Token259259 0
Samarog's Coffer11n/an/a
Fragment of Saul's Burden206206 0
Deimos's Coffer00n/an/a
Desmina's Token182171 0
Desmina's Coffer00n/an/a
River of Souls Token178178 0
River of Souls Coffer00n/an/a
Statue Token195195 0
Statue of Grenth Coffer00n/an/a
Dhuum's Token132113 0
Dhuum's Coffer00n/an/a
Conjured Amalgamate Token194194 0
Conjured Amalgamate's Coffer00n/an/a
Twin Largos Token143132 0
Twin Largos' Coffer00n/an/a
Qadim's Token147146 0
Qadim's Coffer00n/an/a
Cardinal Adina's Token115115 0
Cardinal Adina's Coffer22n/an/a
Cardinal Sabir's Token122118 0
Cardinal Sabir's Coffer00n/an/a
Ether Djinn's Token110109 0
Qadim the Peerless's Coffer00n/an/a

If you are about to donate/destroy some tokens, it's recommended that you refresh your KillProof profile first so that we get the maximum number of tokens you had.

Coffer totals are just the current value - older totals are not kept.

Technical: We calculate the minimum number (minValue) someone is likely to have had based on their historical values (only going back to end of May 2019). For each value, if it's more than the previous value, we add the difference to minValue since they have gained tokens. If someone donates some tokens for guild decorations or destroys them, the previous value will be higher and we ignore the difference (we could track it to show how many have been donated/destroyed).

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