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Dungeon Frequenter

Totals in brackets only include public numbers from linked accounts.

Legendary Insight

508 LD were present when they were replaced by LI on 20th July 2022

2486 LI unused

  • 864 LI in material storage
  • 1111 LI in the account wallet
  • 3 LI in unopened coffers
  • 508 LI as unconverted LD in material storage

225 LI used in crafting 9 pieces of Refined Envoy armor.

  • 9 pieces in inventory

750 LI used in crafting 18 pieces of Perfected Envoy armor (including "discounted" cost for first 6 pieces).

  • 18 pieces equipped

150 LI used for Legendary Trinkets

  • 150 LI in Coalescence

Unstable Fractal Essence

The original Unstable Cosmic Essence (UCE) are counted as 5 Unstable Fractal Essence (UFE).

126 UCE were present when they were replaced by UFE on 15 September 2020
0 Unstable Cosmic Essences unused (equivalent of 0 UFE)
4870 Unstable Fractal Essences unused

  • 450 UFE (or 90 UCE) in 1 Celestial Infusion (Red).*1
  • 3360 UFE in 2 Abyssal Infusions.*2
  • 40 UFE in Simon the Cat.*4
  • 4870 UFE in account wallet
  • 1920 UFE in Abyssal Weapon skin collection (Abyssal Fractal Master).

The UFE total from the Abyssal Weapon skin collection does not include the free skin from the achievement Here and Now. If you only have this free skin, no UFE will be added.

*1 these infusions have a very small chance of dropping as well so may not indicate 90 UCE or 450 UFE were used.

*2 these infusions have a very small chance of dropping as well so may not indicate 1680 UFE were used.

*4 Simon used to require 1 UCE but we're now counting the 40 UFE it needs.

Boneskinner Ritual Vial

177 vials have been acquired in total *
168 vials unused

  • 168 vials in the bank

Linked to felicity.5248

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* The total acquired vials are calculated in the same way as the "minimum gained" values for raid and strike tokens (see below).

Technical: We calculate the minimum number (minValue) someone is likely to have had based on their historical values going back to the later of their KillProof.me signup date or July 2021. For each value, if it's more than the previous value, we add the difference to minValue since they have gained vials. If someone destroys some vials, the previous value will be higher and we ignore the difference (we could track it to show how many have been destroyed).