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Token information last checked .

Name Minimum Gained Current Change
Mai Trin's Coffer30 2
Mai Trin's Magnificent Coffer00 0
Ankka's Coffer40 1
Ankka's Magnificent Coffer00 0
Minister Li's Coffer00 0
Minister Li's Magnificent Coffer00 0
Void's Coffer20 0

If you are about to open some strike coffers, it's recommended that you refresh your KillProof profile first so that we get the maximum number of coffers you had. Make sure you refresh your coffers again before doing any more strikes so that we then get the minimum number as well and any new ones you get are counted as new.

Technical: We calculate the minimum number (minValue) someone is likely to have had based on their historical values going back to the later of their KillProof.me signup date or the middle of March 2022. For each value, if it's more than the previous value, we add the difference to minValue since they have gained tokens. If someone opens some coffers, the previous value will be higher and we ignore the difference (we could track it to show how many have been opened).

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