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Masteries for raiding

  • tick Updraft Use (Gliding)
  • tick Ley Line Gliding (Gliding)
  • tick Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore)
  • tick Blazing Speed Mushrooms (Itzel Lore)
  • tick Adrenal Mushrooms (Itzel Lore)
  • tick Nuhoch Stealth Detection (Nuhoch Lore)
  • tick Rift Forger (Raids)
  • tick Explosive Launch (Raids)
  • tick Forsaken Thicket Waters (Raids)
  • tick Forsaken Magic (Raids)
  • tick Canyon Jumping (Raptor Mount)
  • tick Shifting Sands (Jackal Mount)

Masteries for fractals

  • tick Agony Channeler (Fractal Attunement)
  • tick Recursive Resourcing (Fractal Attunement)
  • tick Mistlock Singularities (Fractal Attunement)

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