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Dungeon Frequenter

Legendary Insight

2313 LI unused

Legendary Divination

1145 LD unused

Unstable Fractal Essence

The original Unstable Cosmic Essence (UCE) are counted as 5 Unstable Fractal Essence (UFE).

40 UCE were present when this user signed up on 11 October 2020
40 Unstable Cosmic Essences unused (equivalent of 200 UFE)
320 Unstable Fractal Essences unused

Boneskinner Ritual Vial

60 vials unused

Dungeon Frequenter

72 total paths counted
0 of 8 paths completed
Achievement completed 9 times

Hobby Dungeon Explorer

956 total explorable paths counted
1 of 5 explorable paths completed
Achievement completed 191 times

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KillProof id QMdM